Are You Thirstie?

You are sitting at home, at a party or a corporate event and realize you don’t have enough wine. (or beer or booze). Someone has to go out to the local liquor store. Or you can click on Thirstie. An app designed for the on-demand wine and spirit market.

If you are in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles or Chicago, you can get your cab with a click- and I don’t mean an Uber.

Solving a Problem
Once again, a group of entrepreneurs saw an opportunity where infrastructure exists and technology could make a link and connection easier. It is another example of finding efficiency and value in excess capacity or untapped need through your smart phone.

From their website:

THIRSTIE is easy to use on any platform. After downloading and opening the app, the customer is instantly connected to participating liquor merchants closest to their desired delivery address. THIRSTIE provides users with information about each product such as the size, alcohol content and price. The customer can shop as long as they like, selecting options and adding them to their shopping cart. When ready to check out, the customer selects the shopping cart option where they can view everything that has been added. The customer then selects their payment method and completes the order. Once the order is confirmed, the customer receives an email verification and delivery of their wine or liquor purchase will arrive within the hour.

This isn’t a new model since florists have operated with large cooperatives like 1 800 Flowers providing a similar linkage. But in a highly regulated market space like wine, beer and spirits, its impressive to see this new player step up to the bar.

Imagine wine brands launching new products and being able to partner with Thirstie. I understand the complexity of beer, wine and spirit promotional law, but here is an intriguing way to partner with local retailers when launching a new product or variety. 

Make a Wish
If you are searching for opportunities, it can be mighty powerful to simply get a few friends together and start playing the game… I WISH.
"I wish I could click a button on my phone and bam! My six pack or my favorite California Cab shows up at my door as easily as a pizza."

What’s on your wish list?


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