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I have been listening to marketing podcasts for about three years.

Although I loved to read marketing books, I also enjoy listening to conversations on topics that range from storytelling, content marketing, blogging or media buying. I’m always interested in educating myself and the opportunity to learn while walking or exercising makes sense. For those who commute, most podcast fit into the average commute time so they are easy to digest on your way into your office.

This past week, Jay Baer, author of Youtility and the owner of an agency called Convince and Convert, started a website to help sort through all the marketing podcasts available. There are over 400 unique marketing podcasts on topics ranging from advertising, public relations, content marketing, entrepreneurship, agencies, creative design, in bound search, small business, communications, digital and social media.

This is a great resource and one I encourage you to spend a little time exploring if you want to learn more about a marketing topic. Podcasts are typically like free seminars without the annoying PowerPoints. It is a chance to listen in on some great conversations. 

In no special order, here are some of the podcasts I listen to regularly and what I enjoy about them.

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel
This is my favorite podcast because Mitch interviews one guest each week with in-depth questions that goes beyond the superficial. He has a way of seeing very big picture issues that helps me to frame marketing perspectives. I have been introduced through Mitch to some great books and intriguing bloggers whose work I didn't know. The podcast is about 45 minutes long and is posted each Sunday. In 6 years, he hasn't missed one weekend post which is pretty remarkable. I think we share a common sensibility on marketing.

The Marketing Companion
Mark W. Schaefer and Tom Webster hold a 45 conversations twice/month on a range of marketing topics. They usually begin their session talking about some absurd product they want to launch like Google pants.  It is silly and spirited and very human.  They will then dig into a hot topic usually sparked by a news story or some recent event that has come up in their marketing worlds. Mark is a consultant, speaker and author but mostly an educator. You may recall he spoke at a conference my team and I organize for the wine industry last month. Tom Webster is VP at Edison Research and every bit the quick wit and counter intuitive thinker that Mark is. Tom has a new book called Mobile Commerce that I am reading as I type this blog.  Their podcast is educational and thought-provoking and entertaining.

This is Your Life
This podcast is by Michael Hyatt whose work is focused on intentional leadership. He now does his podcast with a co-host, Michelle Cushatt, who interviews Michael on specific topic.  His has a strong faith-based approach to leadership which is open and honest. I enjoy listening to Michael share stories of how he has overcome problems with difficult people he has worked with and to discuss very specific ideas for being a leader.  He is a bit of a tech geek so he will often talk about intriguing software to support his platform, or website. 

Entrepreneur on Fire
John Lee Dumas is a firebrand. He interviews an entrepreneur each and every day and allows them to tell their story to his Fire Nation. (his tribe).  John interviewed me last year when I published my book and is an incredibly generous interviewer who allows each person to share their story including their mistakes as well as their successes. I’m always learning something new listening to John and he has retweeted several of my more popular blog posts to his audience. The range of people he interviews is so varied and rich that listening to him a few times a month can open up lots of new approaches to marketing and small business in general. 

Small Business Big Marketing
This is a really quirky podcast that I am addicted to from down under. Tim Reid (or Timbo) as he likes to be called is a small business marketing professional who mostly interviews intriguing marketers about their business success. What I enjoy in his work is that he often is telling stories about businesses I know nothing about and shares some really helpful practical marketing ideas. Timbo is big Aussie personality that doesn't get in the way of his excellent advice for small to mid-sized businesses. I do enjoy how generous his approach is to his guests and although sometimes I don’t get his sense of humor, I do appreciate the passion he brings to his work. 

Social Pros Podcast
The aforementioned Jay Baer has his own weekly podcast about social media. Its focus is on best practices and the latest strategies in social media. He has a range of guests at very senior levels in marketing that often share wonderful ideas about how they go to market or ways they leverage different social platforms. I think Jay’s soft touch with guests and co-anchors is a strong part of his appeal. You want to keep listening and learning each week. Jay’s book Youtility is one of the best marketing books from this past year so I find his podcasts very educational.

The Bean Cast
Bob Knorpp has a weekly podcast he refers to as like Meet The Press but for marketers. It is a roundup of the weeks top news stories that get dissected and discussed by leading marketing thinkers. Its very high level and strategic but also quite entertaining. Bob brings a range of guests in each week and I look forward to hearing his take on the latest in marketing. At the end of each show he reveals the AdFail 5 that exposes some of the stupidest things marketers from around the world have done. Bob is incredibly smart and a savvy marketing professional and I love the format of his show.

So, head over to Jay’s yellow pages of podcasts to find something you might enjoy. Start slowly and pick one show to listen to over a few weeks. I think you’ll get addicted to podcasting and the opportunities to grow as a marketer, a leader or a business professional.


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