In Case of Emergency

Imagine coming into a newly formed business during its first week of existence. You are the person asked to manage the marketing for the new venture. What is your first step? 

Several start ups have come to me with a version of this question looking for coaching and guidance. I always give them the same advice. 
How will your customers feel when they use your product?
 It is so important to deeply understand the emotional help your product/service contains. Think of the BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY that you often see on the wall of a building. If your customers broke the glass and found your product or service inside, how will your solution make them feel? Will it give them the sense that their own emergency will be solved? I'm not being poetic. I'm being practical when I ask how does it feel? 

Will they suddenly feel safe, loved, protected, patriotic, relax, smarter, prepared, creative, upbeat, useful, and glamorous?

When you understand how the customer will feel, then you can begin to think about the range of tactics to tell your story and the tone and style of those marketing communications. 

Start with the feeling.

Jeffrey Slater from MomentSlater 

Need help assessing how your product might make a customer feel? Let's talk about it via Clarity and I can help you find the on/off switch to amplify how your customers feel about your product. 

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