Filthy Soap

Wandering through the Whole Foods while on vacation in Oahu, I stumbled upon a shelf of hilariously packaged soaps. There was Filthy Policeman Soap, Filthy Mustache Soap, Filthy Pirate Soap and on and on. Someone is cleaning up with a brilliant product idea and with some exceptional package design. 

Leveraging the word filthy with soap is clever and memorable but it is the amazing package design work that draws you in. Their online store has so many double entendre and over-the-top messages that it is as far from Ivory Soap and their wholesome image.

The products come from Filthy Farmgirl Soaps Company based in Hilo on the big island. They do a great job of living their brand on Facebook and on other social media platforms too. 

Their products have absolutely no detergents, surfactants, sulfates, artificial scents, colorizers or petroleum products of any kind. Labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. Soap is not just about getting clean, it’s about loving your body & the earth. Live Nakedly!

Three Clean Marketing Lesson From Filthy Soap
Own a point of view: Either your brand is cheaper, better or different. Pick one. Do it better than anyone else and make your customers want to share with their friends. 

Go beyond comfortable: If you are too white bread, too careful and too cautious, no one will notice. Be weird. Be odd. Be big. But just get off the damn fence of indifference.

Have a power personality: Remember that friend that everyone talked about in high school? Larger than life, heroic sensibility, always taking a risk, adventurous to a fault? Brands need to embody a strong persona. Those that don’t stand out get lost in the crowd. Getting noticed is a core mission for a marketer. 

Think about how to be different in a meaningful way to a niche within your market, sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty.

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