Share of Heart

You can inundate me with all the features in the world of your new product or service.

You can shower me with logic and reasons to buy.

You can run through 32 PowerPoint slides extolling the benefit of what your product does.

You can raise my awareness of your brand through advertising and promotions.

You can get me to like or click on your link on Facebook. 

You can turn my head toward you and your products by being loud or different.

But can you earn my heart?  

Can you make me care?

Is it possible for you to connect with me at such a native level, that I feel like I am coming home?

The greatest brands go beyond market share as they achieve heart share. It is much more difficult to do but it lasts well beyond the next ad campaign, price deal or product cycle. 

I feel welcomed when I am with this type of brand and deeply engaged by the experience. It isn't rational. It is emotional. 

Whose heart do you embrace when you market your products? 


If you'd like to pick my marketing brain, you can do it through Clarity at this link

All proceed are donated to Charity Water

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