Marketing Surprises


What can you do for your customers today that will delight and surprise them?

Don't over think this idea
Get 10 coworkers into a conference room by 8:30 am from different departments or teams. Challenge them to come up with one fabulous idea that will delight one of your top customers in ways that they won’t expect.  Create a long list quickly and sort it into categories. Let the group vote on the top 3 ideas. Set a timer and give the exercise one hour. 

Work the top ideas until you narrow it down to one idea that is a truly spectacular way to show appreciation. Then, set the team in motion to make it happen. Remember, don't over think this exercise.

Ideally you want to make this happen by the end of the next day. Build on the internal momentum and excitement of the moment. If you can do it the same day, that is even better. 

A hyper-focus on pleasing customers is a great reminder that you have to earn your customers business each day.  The ideas can be inexpensive and simple – they don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, simpler is always best.  Your organization will be excited to find other ways to please customers on their own without getting a team together. The best idea will connect with the interests of your customers, surprise and delight them and even get them to remark about it to others. 

Here are nine thought starters to get the ideas flowing…

1. Get a produce truck to come by at the end of the day and as your customers are leaving for the day, ask them if they'd like to get some free vegetables and fruit to take home with them that evening. Have someone like your President dress up as a carrot and brings an invitation to everyone in their office. 

2. Bring a rose to every employee with a simple vase for their desk with a thank you note.

3. Set up a slip and slide on their front lawn and invite their staff to come out and play at lunch time. (alternative set up a trampoline and invite your customer to come out and jump around). Don't be afraid of bad puns in your invitation like we are jumping for joy to have you as a customers. Come jump with us! 

4. Set up dominoes in their parking lot that spells out THANK YOU. Invite everyone to look out of their window to watch them tumble. 

5.  Hire an acapella singing group to play a mini-concert for 30 minutes at lunch time in their park lot. 

6.  Buy some flowering plants and ask their permission if you can plant them in front of their office as a small token of appreciation and thanks.

7. Get an ice cream truck to show up at their office a 2:00 PM and pay for everyone to line up and get a treat. (works best on a hot summer's day)

8. Bring a yoga instructor to their office along with a few dozen mats and pillows and invite everyone to an impromptu lunch yoga class. 

9. Hire a car washing firm to come and wash every employee's car in the parking lot. 

Be Remarkable 

Go ahead. I dare you. Go delight a customer in a way that advertising can't. Allow your company's personality to show up and demonstrate that you really appreciate your customer's business. 

I dare you.


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