Marketing Chutzpah

Marketing leaders need to own a vision about where they are taking their brand. It has to align with the overall business goals of an organization, but it takes more than strategy. A brand leader has to humanize, personalize and communicate personality. And it needs to do it with confidence so that others understand what you stand for without question. Most of all, it must be genuine.

What is marketing chutzpah?

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that comes from Hebrew and means an extraordinary boldness or courage. It can have both positive and negative connotations. 

Beyond being bold, having nerve and unwavering conviction, you must exude confidence. Marketing chutzpah means you are clear who and what your brand stands for. It must be in concert with the customers you are serving today and the new ones you want to acquire. Like two close friends, you "get" each other as you both dare to be yourselves. You see the future and where it is heading, and you are trying to arrive there at the same time as your customers. This isn’t about being brash, bold or boisterous, but about being genuine.

How does an authentic brand behave when it is filled with chutzpah?  

It asks permissions to communicate.

It brings solutions to a customer instead of burdening them with distracting details.

It speaks their language (not yours).

It hears more than it speaks in meetings.

It welcomes challenges, criticism and new ideas.

It stays true to core values.

If it makes a mistake, it stands up and admits it.

It takes risks with new approaches that are always respectful and of value to the recipient.

It finds meaningful points of difference from its competitors that resonate with its customers.

It holds itself to a higher standard than its customer does.
It is curious and always learning.

It doesn't know it all but has confidence to reach toward the next step change.

Own your Chutzpah
Authentic brands put a stake in the ground to claim what they believe. They create marketing approaches that are highly focused on specific audiences and segments. They don't mince words and are willing to say no. In developing their brand persona they may narrow their focus but always with a human touch. 

How are you shmearing chutzpah on your marketing? 

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