How To Turn $1,300 into 76,324,332 YouTube Views

Imagine I write you a check for $1300. Could you turn that money into 76,324,332 people watching a video that you created? Could you capitalize on the awareness, attention and traffic for your brand. 

Melissa Coker, founder of Wren, a small indy clothing company developed the viral video that was a promotion to help drive awareness and attention to her brand. With practically no money, they arrived at an emotional and compelling idea that was powered by social sharing. 

The simple idea: Imagine 10 people meeting 10 other people and kissing for the first time. 

The catch: They would all be wearing clothes by Wren, Melissa's company.

The video was her way, along with the film maker Tatia Palleva of showing off a clothing collection instead of a traditional ad to promote her brand. The kissers are both actors and friends who were part of this short video. All were unpaid and the $1300 went to rent the space where they taped the kisses. 

The Lessons: 

Can you tell a story that connects emotionally to your audience? 


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