The Marketing Moment

Have you ever caught yourself being marketed to in a creative way that flies under your radar? 

Early Sunday morning I was looking at Facebook and checking on the latest activities of friends and family. In my news stream was an image for a photo book that appeared very different from most photo album sites.  A second cousin had liked it so it appeared in my stream. And since I write about photography a lot on Facebook and it is one of the areas of interest to me, it is clear that I am a target for this company. And Facebook is very good at knowing this information from my posts, comments and clicks. 

So I clicked the link that brought me to their Facebook page. I found their external URL (or web address) and click to that site. To be clear, I am not affiliated or paid to write about this company and have no financial involvement with them. They are an excellent example of how to market a product. The company is called Artisan State. 

The site was beautifully designed with a simple navigation to move me through the educational part that explains what they do. What I really liked about their marketing is that they helped explain WHY THEY ARE DIFFERENT than all other companies who print photo books. And, best of all is the sheer simplicity of their message. It makes it easy to draw me in because I don't have to wrestle with too many navigational issues on the site. 

I was intrigued.

Now I haven’t ordered from this company but they have achieved some important starting goals that any marketer needs to do.

AWARENESS:  They put information in front of the right target (that’s me – an interested photography fan)

EDUCATION: They told me what they do in a clear and concise fashion.

DIFFERENCE: They led me through an easy to follow explanation of why they are different.  I learned how their binding system is far superior then others and not more expensive.

Of course the next step would be for me to order a book and become a customer. But I am not quite ready because I haven’t seen the SOCIAL PROOF and validation from others.  As I am now aware of this product and offering, I can look to find reviews or others who have used the product to give me ‘peace of mind’ that this is a product that has earned TRUST of customers.

Social Proof.

How are you using these six pillars in your marketing efforts? 


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