Stop Talking About Your Company

Businesses have this odd and strange habit. They want to talk about themselves. Who they are and what they do. And what is with showing the building where you work? Why do I care? 




Let me say this clearly.  Ready?

It is not about you.

The customer has a problem
A customer needs something fixed or solved. They don’t need a laundry list of the 17 features of your gadget, device or cereal. Tell them what problem you can help them solve. Don’t explain how you will do it. 

Your first marketing message must be…

I understand that you have  ________ problem. I can help you solve that problem.

What happens is that everyone in the business wants to tell a different story. Your IT department might want to explain how you use the latest software. The operational folks may want to share that they are able to ship your order quickly.  Sales may want to make sure you know that they are available to help 24/7. Marketing might want to make sure you know that you have 55,032 likes on Facebook. 

But in the customers mind, they may not be clear why they should even speak to you.


“I have a problem. Who can help me?”


“My product has 10 features. We have 32 distributors. We have 3 warehouses. Who wants to buy one of our 10,231 products?”

Check out these teas sold at Whole Foods. 
They aren't telling me what they are made from but what they will do for me. Brilliant. 

Stop telling potential customers what you do. Sell them a solution to a problem. Tell them a story that satisfies their needs. 


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