A Remote Problem

 I’m convinced that marketing and product development has gotten way too complicated. Simple is the new – simple.  Brands that can find an easy way to help you navigate a web site, buy their product or find what you are looking for will succeed.

Take the remote control. Please. The level of feature and functionality is a joke. 

What I need:   On/Off. Change channels. Louder/quieter. 

What I get: 

Marketers and product management think that without all those extra buttons, it won’t feel like it is worth the money.  They think they customers want more not less.

Big mistake.

When I have too many choices, I tend to avoid a decision.

When things feel too overwhelming, I tend to be repelled.

When I’m forced to make layers of decisions, clicks or jumps – I want to leave.

Give me the simple basics features and I’ll be your best friend. I’ll be loyal. I’ll be a return visitor. My life is complicated enough. I don’t have time or interest in reading a 20 page manual to learn how to do things I never wanted to do in the first place.

Change the channel

What are you doing to strip out complexity from your marketing and communications efforts?

How are you encouraging a simpler product offering that really provides a clear solution to a problem?

Is your brand suffering from too many features?

What can you do to make your web visitor have an easier experience finding what she needs?

Simple. Easy. Quick. Logical. Practical. Where has that gone in the world of marketing? 


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