The Abundant Marketer

Michael Hyatt on his podcast This is your Life, discussed the topic of whether you are a person who see the world from an abundance perspective or a scarcity point of view. I’d urge you to listen to his podcast or read his blog which I find enlightening and inspiring. He also has a wonderful voice that is calming and supportive. Although we have never met, I feel that he and I are kindred souls. 

I have always been an abundance type of person both at work and in my personal life. The difference in these two world views is that someone who sees the world as filled with enough for everyone doesn't stress over competition or what others have. There is always enough to go around. You see the world starting from a place of gratitude not from a position of desire. Like Michael, I start my day with 15 minutes of silence and meditation. It isn't anything more than being still, being present and being in the moment. During that time, I focus on my breathing and all the gifts that surround me. I appreciate the abundance of my life. 

A rich man is someone who knows he has everything and needs nothing.  It isn't about the numbers in your bank account but knowing the right type of assets to counts. How do you measure the value, security and benefit of a loving family?

Having everything is about the simple things being taken care of – food, shelter and good health. Being surrounded by loving friends and generous colleagues is a gift that has so much more value than all the fancy cars and watches and things. If you wake up each morning grateful for another day and a chance to do some good, it is a remarkable catalyst to help frame your day with a long perspective. 

Do you see the world as filled with abundance or scarcity? 
The person, who sees the world as filled with scarcity, craves and desires what you have. They never have enough and always want more. Then want what you have and they see the world as filled with limits so “I better get mine first”.  People who see things from a scarcity viewpoint tend toward being petty and difficult to be around and often never satisfied. We all know people who fit into that personality type.

The Abundant Marketer
I like to view my professional work in marketing and general business management from this same viewpoint. It doesn't mean I’m not competitive or trying to grow market share, but I focus on how much opportunity exists not how little there is in the world.
An abundant marketer knows that if you compete in a market and has a 10% share; it means you have a 90% opportunity for growth. Do you focus on your 10% or the 90%?

An abundant marketer realizes that if your competitors only focus on price, it gives you an abundant set of options to market yourself on other important attributes like customer service, real and authentic connections, extraordinary level of quality and new and innovative benefits like helping to manage their inventories.  Do you focus on price or other critical benefits for your customers?

An abundant marketer accepts the budget limitations imposed on them as a creative challenge to find a way to do more with less. Like the frugal entrepreneur who has to be extra clever, seeing the challenge to spend less and do more is a mindset to embrace not fight. More money isn't always the answer to marketing problems. A long-term strategy that you work on daily can bring strength to your brand. Do you expend your energy in search of more resources/money for your brand or do you concentrate and focus on leveraging what you have?

An abundant marketer has respect for her competitor’s abilities and strengths and doesn't need to focus on them. Rather, she can shine a spotlight on her brand’s strengths and benefits.  Do you constantly look in the rear view mirror at your competitor or are your eyes seeing straight ahead at your future?

I swim in a world of abundance. I dance in gratitude. I bathe in the light of richness. 

A rich and abundant world

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