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This is another guest blog from a marketing friend. Dana Campagna Lanham is an expert in the toy industry. That explains why she is always playing games. 

Jeff asked me a while ago to write something for his MomentSLater blog, but I felt my material was stale and would not live up to the amazing content on this site. But it hit me the other day as I was teaching marketing to a bunch of undergrads who were busy texting, instant messaging, and not paying attention to my test review, that I had some content.  

When Jeff and I met, I was lucky enough to work with him for three years as a consultant on his retail business at Nomaco. At the time, I was also on the marketing faculty at UNC-Charlotte where I taught the run of marketing-based subject matter, but also Internet Marketing which enlightened me to all kinds of “with-it,” forward thinking opportunities in technology and marketing.

The Internet and digital technology in general, have evolved to the point where anyone can design, write and go public through all kinds of software, free or otherwise.  Our cell phones are now creating high resolution video and photos that can be edited and quickly posted to Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube or the like. Anyone can easily set up an e-commerce site and sell their wares.  Anyone can become an expert. I have had so many people tell me recently that they are food bloggers, or fashion bloggers, barbecue bloggers, etc.  It is amazing.  The US audience as a whole is more interested in using technology for fame instead of using technology for a cause.  Why do I need to know that you just had a Latte in Central Park? Why do I care?  Those keystrokes could have been used for something so much more interesting, like information that matters – like try the mocha caramel latte at  Java Heaven at 231 Wooster in the Village...

So, with all this technology, and the ability for anyone to publish, it makes me question my role as a consultant when almost anyone can do what I do now. Technology has made it so easy for people to just do it themselves.  I will never have another wrinkle or red-eye in a photo, because I have become the queen of retouching.  I don’t have to take notes or scan, I just photograph what I need and email it to myself and print it later!

Here is the downside – NO ONE TALKS TO EACH OTHER ANYMORE!   People sit at restaurants with each other and are texting others or checking their phones. What happened to the simple act of conversing?  Are we that uninteresting or disinterested in our dining partners? And if you want to talk to someone while dining with someone else, why didn’t you invite them to lunch!

Step away from the technology
So, if you can do anything this week, put down your technology, and go talk to someone. Make a concerted effort to have a good old fashioned conversation. This I hypocritically say, as I type this entry into Jeff’s blog. But I can promise you, this week is a text free, email free week l pick up the phone instead and call someone. 

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