Check the box

I am a list-aholic.  When an idea pops into my head I have to jot it down. Sometimes they are little thing like pick up more bananas. Occasionally they are big things like publish a book.

Last week, checking the box for publishing my first eBook was exciting. I was fraught with fear. I made mountains of mistakes. But I did it. I learned so much and it has wet my appetite for more. I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used Amazon's KDP Select program because I felt it was the biggest market place, simple to use and they offered promotional opportunities. After my first promotion, sales doubled overnight and at the time of this writing, my book was #5 on Kindle eBook in the marketing section. (it changes every hour). 

Learning new things and taking a chance was exhilarating and made me very aware of a few important lessons that are worthy reminders.

What are you waiting for? If you have a dream or some passion you want to explore, it can only happen by setting it in motion. What 3 small steps can you do right now to move thing in that direction.

What are you afraid of?  So you fail. So you make mistakes. So you lose face. This is your life and you get one shot. Do you really want to look back with regrets and say – damn, I wished I followed my dreams or my passions?

What’s the worst thing that can happen? This is such a great question to ask when you face your fears. How bad will this be? Start from a worse-case perspective and then slowly build toward reality. You’ll find that you may need to push past your comfort zone but that type of growth is life-affirming.

Are you still concerned with what others may say? Why are you letting someone else control your destiny? Can you embrace the abundance that surrounds you and pull it toward you? Breathe in deeply and feel your own strength, power and inner wisdom.  Trust yourself.

Go ahead. Take a leap of faith. 

Sharpen your pencil. Go check a few boxes off your list now. Take a flying leap forward. 

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