Marketing as Farming


Are authentic marketing folks best described as farmers?

We plant seeds to grow awareness. It takes time to place them deeply in the ground. We need roots. 

We work with patience as we allow the light to bring forth potential. Growth can't be rush. Sunshine powers upward movement.  

We fertilize the plants to build trust. Nutrients are required. We fertilize many times to reinforce and add confidence that we can reap benefits in the future. 

We know this is honest work and we believe in the sanctity of the land and we honor the people who are part of our endeavor. Soil like people needs time to breathe in order to expand. Shoots emerge from the community's effort. 

We demand patience as we water to build strong root systems. What is below the surface can be as important as what you see above ground. The best fruits come over time and require ongoing hard work.  

We clip out the weeds so we can stay focus on the important growth. Distractions can choke off nutrients and get in the way of the healthy growth required. We strive for simple and crisp. 

We reap the fruits of our labor by harvesting trust. The fruits are symbols of the many resources that were used at the ground level to set a path for prosperity.  

I think authentic, trustworthy and hard-working marketing folks are farmers. 

Note: When I am not planting seeds for my marketing endeavors, I am working on unraveling the mysteries of marketing. Grab some seeds and come plant a future. 

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