Magnetic Marketing

The Original Wooly Willy and his magnetic personality 
Often marketer create events to bring prospective customers together. They can range from more academic-style presentations to more relax party like atmospheres. One thing I have found is that to achieve success, they require some magnetic pull.

A magnet works by using its ability to pull ferrous objects toward it. If you have some paperclips on the table, the magnet pulls them in. In marketing, the same natural occurrence happens when you have an individual or group of people that pulls the audience you want to reach toward the magnet.

A marketing magnet isn’t always a celebrity whose well-known outside of your business. Most businesses can't afford to bring Jay Z or Bill Clinton to their events. Finding someone who works within your category and has status can be beneficial at both filling the room and bring potential customers closer to you. They don't have to be universally loved and sometime controversial speakers can also help create the buzz you need. 

If you are creating a new event for your organization, ask yourself these questions:

Social Currency
Events are powerful opportunities to connected with perspective clients.  Social currency is important and people want to go to events that attract the right audience. (not necessarily the most people).  Can you use the leverage of a magnet to help you bring customers closer to you? 

What magnetic personality are you planning on using for your next marketing event? 

Note: When I am not using magnetic powers attract an audience to an event, you can find me writing and unraveling some of the mysteries of marketing. Why don't you sign up and come along for the journey. 

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