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Ra El, Sarah, Fanny and Jeff 
Thank you for reading my blog MomentSlater

I'm honored that you would spend some time with my ideas and observations. I focus on topics that unravel the mysteries of marketing

My blog concentrates on useful and thought provoking information that may be helpful in marketing your own business, product or personal brand. 

The name MomentSlater is an obvious play on my last name- Slater. You often see the phrase "moments later" signifying that a little time has quickly passed. MomentSlater combines my personal focus on being present in the moment with the heritage of my family name. Moments matter to me and I don't want to miss any of them. 

I have more than 30 years of business experience as both an entrepreneur as well as working in the corporate world. Often counter-intuitive, I strive to find a new way to view marketing issues. Sharing what I have learned is a both a privilege and an honor. 

In 1975, my wife started a nationally recognized wholesale bakery business called Rachel’s Brownies. I joined her in 1977 and together we built it into a national success. We achieved significant publicity including articles in The New York Times, USA Today and Philadelphia Magazine. 

We also appeared on CNN, The Phil Donahue Show, Charlie Rose and many others national and syndicated talk shows.  We even made INC Magazine's list of fastest growing business in 1985 and had lunch with President Reagan

Who knew you could make a living selling brownies? 

The company was successfully sold in 1989 to GoodMark Foods in Raleigh, North Carolina where I initially managed all of their bakery businesses. Over time, I rose to the position of Executive Vice President of Marketing for their $400 million snack food company with $100 million brands that included  Slim Jims and David’s Sunflower Seeds. I had the great joy of creating commercials with the late Macho Man Randy Savage and even got to teach him how to use email! Oh yeah! 

I was responsible for GoodMark’s $20 million marketing, advertising and promotion budgets including the highly successful, “Snap into a Slim Jim” campaign from the late 1990’s. (credit for the creative work goes to Hal Rosen and The Steves from our advertising agency). The extraordinary team I managed  worked on sponsorship and event marketing like The X Games, national music tours with George Strait, Tim McGraw and The Dixie Chicks and even created a unique event for teens called Rebelliache. It was a never ending learning experience for me and I got to work with some of the most skilled professional marketing agencies and colleagues. GoodMark was sold to ConAgra in 2003. Every moment was a chance to learn from the best in the business and I look back fondly at those memories. 

The MomentSlater Blog

This blog was started in August 2010 as a place to share some of my professional marketing experiences. 

You may enjoy reading about what I learned from my experience having lunch with President Reagan in 1985.

Or, you may find some useful insights in how I was able to connect with Ben Cohen (From Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) and together we created a Rachel’s Brownies Ice Cream. Our meeting with them was the first time either my wife or I ate sushi. 
Lunch with Ben & Jerry

In the blog, I offer lots of practical tips on how to focus your marketing activity to maximize your return on your investment. I share ideas on positioning, business models, the power of focus, creating a brand promise, developing spectacular product names, the importance of content marketing, successful selling strategies and so much more. Marketing is about getting noticed. My posts are centered on supporting this important goal for your brand. 

Today I am employed as the Director of Global Marketing for Nomacorc in Zebulon, North Carolina. Nomacorc is the leading brand of still wine closures with 2.4 billion corks sold in 2012. Once again I get to work with incredibly smart and talented colleagues from around the world. In case you are wondering, I am a big fan of Italian red wines especially when they have our closure on them. 


In my spare time (weekends and evenings), I work with Clarity, an online resource for experts. I consult, coach and help unravel marketing problems for clients. To schedule a call, you can reach me through Clarity at https://clarity.fm/jeffreyslater.

Personal Life
I earned a BA with Honors from The University of Pennsylvania in Communications, an MA from The Annenberg School of Communications and took advanced communications classes at Harvard University. During my career, I have been honored to be a guest lecturer at The University of Pennsylvania, N.C. State, University of Dijon Business School in Burgundy, France  and U.C. Davis along with countless other appearances at symposiums, conferences and marketing panel discussions. 

I am an avid cook with a passion for fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Julia Child is in my pantheon of teachers. I also spent many years as a commercial photographer and still love to take pictures. I write about early entrepreneurs like my grandfather George Ginsberg who would have invented the Original Facebook 50 years ago had the technology existed. Jazz is the soundtrack for my life and Ella Fitzgerald is another one of my personal guides through the universe. 

My wife Ra Elohim, is an accomplished artist, writer and healer who is the most courageous person I have ever known. Her galactic wisdom vibrates on frequencies that few have experienced. Those who know her well recognize the depth of her compassion and ever present love that emanates from her soul. We have been married since 1977 and are blessed with two exceptional daughters Sarah and Fanny. 

Our daughters are both remarkable women too. Our older daughter Sarah, lives on Oahu near Honolulu and teaches AP Psychology at The Punahou School and is co-chair of the Psych/Social department. She also is a trained yoga instructor and teaches young girls about stretching toward their dreams. You can learn about her here at her Facebook page Summer Yoga for Teen Girls.

Our younger daughter Fanny runs a new venture called Fanfare Catering in Wilmington, North Carolina. She won the Rachael Ray Great American Cookbook Competition. She offers cooking classes and parties in people’s homes, she caters corporate lunches, does work as a personal chef and writes about food for Focus on the Coast Magazine. Check out her blog at Fanfare Foodie

Finally, my 87 year old mom Bea Slater continues to inspire me each day. How many of your elder family members text their family and post updates on Facebook. 

You can read about Being Bea if you are interested in some inspiration or just want to read about jello molds, ice cream cakes at the beach and memories of West Philadelphia. 

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And please take a second and remember to enjoy each moment before they become a MomentSlater.