A Blank Slate

A blank piece of paper
When you are putting together marketing plans for a new product or your annual brand plan, do you build on what you did last time or start fresh? Are you a fan of the blank slate? I believe that starting with a clean piece of paper is so important because it forces you to recommit to each decision. 

Is advertising still relevant to your target? 

Should promotions be increased versus an email campaign? 

Are you willing to keep investing in that trade show that keeps disappointing you with weak results? 

Can you do more with events that will build your brand awareness among key thought leaders who can help spread the word? 

Are your marketing actions working based on your success measurements? 

The counter argument to starting with a blank piece of paper is why reinvent the wheel? Why go to the trouble of starting over and rethinking each decision? 

I can think of 5 reasons to reinvent the wheel.

Why you should reinvent the wheel 

GET NOTICED:  How will you be noticed if you continue to do the same thing over and over again? 

STAND OUT:  If everyone is using “the wheel”, how will you stand out from your competitors?

DELIGHTING YOUR CUSTOMER: When customers expect you to do something one way, you have a chance to delight and surprise them if you change gears.

WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  Maybe the things you did last time didn’t take you where you wanted to go? Why keep doing it?

SAY SOMETHING FRESH:  Your brand or products are trying to make a statement, why not say something fresh and new with a disruptive approach.  Breakthroughs require a jolt of the unexpected. 

So if you are launching a new product or service or developing plans for the coming fiscal year, maybe you should start without anything to tie you to the past unless you can justify that it will help you get to your future. 

Pedal on, pedal on. 

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