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This isn’t a post about how to sell refrigerators. It is a post about creatively getting inside a consumer’s (or customer's) most important space and gaining a connection with them.

How important would it be for a food or beverage brand to be in front of consumer’s right before they open the fridge? Imagine that you are hungry and looking for something to consume. 


Wouldn't it be great to have a chance to promote yourself right at the point of consumption.  Among the family photographs, this space is like an emotional billboard right in the center of your life.

I spent some time examining the front of my Mom’s refrigerator to see what brands appeared attached as calendars, magnets or other promotional giveaways. The most prominent brand was The New York Mets. (No surprise) She had things from U of Penn, Bally’s, Mickey Mouse, Wizard of Oz, and The Prudential Center, a plumber (Above and Beyond), Mount Rushmore, a local jeweler and a few Obama promotional items too.

I wonder why appliance companies aren't adding digital screens on refrigerators and selling streaming advertising that comes into the home? Imagine discounting these "ice boxes" (as Mom would call it), in exchange for advertising messages coming in through WiFi? I noticed LG has an Internet refrigerator but don't know how they leverage that space. 

LG Internet Refrigerator. What would this ad space be worth? 

Kitchen Billboards
What occurred to me is how valuable that real estate is and how helpful that space could be for a brand- particularly a food or beverage. Yet, no one found a way to get onto the wall of fame on my mom’s fridge. Where is Haagen Dazs, Campbell Soup or Tate’s Cookies? Why hasn’t the local baker (Natales) found a way to occupy some of this space? 

Where is your most valuable real estate?
Viewing Mom's refrigerator made me wonder about other important spaces for other brands. 

What is the equivalent space for your brand?  Whether you are in the shoe business or an independent toy store, how can you get a share of the most premium space in your customer’s mind? If you are in B2B, where does that space for your clients? Is it on their desk or associated with the place where your product solves their problems?

How can you be front and center to your current or potential clients? Is it in their inbox or inside their car? Is it a tag that sticks out from your fabrics or a clever poster you give them that they hang on their wall. Can you be part of their tool box or maybe on the shelf with the laundry detergent? Where do you want your brand message to show up to help reinforce your value proposition? 

Samsung Charging Station
Getting a Charge
Samsung has done something clever over the last few years to promote their phones. At airports (and other venues) they have free filling stations where you can charge your phone. Any phone. They give you something of value (a charge) and in return, you see their brand message. As anyone who travels knows, having a full charge on your phone is like a lifeline and by keeping me plug in- I get a charge from their brand. (literally)

Look out iPhone. 


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