Marketing Merry-Go-Round

Are you going round and round in your marketing activities always returning to the same place?

Get off the merry-go-round of sameness
Sometimes you need to get off the merry-go-round and find a way to move in a new direction. How can you successfully get off the ride and move toward a marketing space that your competitors don't occupy?

Four ideas to help you move in a new direction.

First, where are you and all the competitors focused? Is there a new space or aspect of your business that you can focus on that allows you to hang out where the competitors don't emphasize? 

Can you emphasis something unique like ease of ordering at Chipolte?
Some companies like Chipolte, the Mexican food chain figured out that simplicity of ordering is powerful in quick service restaurant. They shifted the discussions and make ease of ordering an important way to differentiate themselves. Maybe you can make buying from you incredibly easy and uncluttered. 

Strike a new direction
Second, is there something you can beg, borrow or steal from another industry?  I love to get outside of the thinking within my category and to find ideas from other vertical markets. If you are in the food business, what ideas can you borrow from movie theaters  If you are in the golf industry, can you learn something about service from a furniture store? If you are a bowling alley, can you find a compelling idea from how nightclubs deliver value to customers? When bowling alleys start to think of themselves as active nightclubs and position themselves for adults (not kids), their marketing is on a roll. 

Judy it is time for Facetime

Third, can you close your eyes and see the future. Dream a little- what might your industry be like in 50 years? Can you bring a little of it back from the future? Maybe you can try playing with a little bit of tomorrow thinking so that you aren’t stuck in today.

Everything old is new again 
Go back to go forward
Fourth, can you take a lead from the past and bring something old back to a new audience? It is sometimes said that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be but remember you have a new audience who may not have any memory of how your product used to be sold. Maybe a retro approach will refresh and help draw attention to your product. The toy industry does this all the time when they bring an old product back when their original audience becomes a parent. Cabbage Patch doll anyone? 

Get off of the horse on the merry-go-round. Gallop in a new direction and let your competitors keep going round and round in the same circle. 

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