Getting Time on Your Side

As the Rolling Stones sang, time is on your side, yes it is.
Is time on your side? 
But for many marketers, I’m not so sure that it is true for everybody. Time management is one of the more important skills necessary to be successful. Our “to do” list grows, we are in support of so many and you have to find a way to get the right things done.

I have twelve simple suggestions to help you manage your time and to be the best marketing professional possible.

1. Say no as your default to request. Start with no and make people earn your time. If you want my help, put it in writing and make it clear exactly what you need, by when, how much budget is available, etc. Just because someone needs help, doesn’t mean that you should do everything for everyone.

2. Pick 3 important things to achieve each day and get them done before 10:30. Most of us get sucked into so many time wasters each day that you need to jump on your to do list quickly each day. And, 3 things is plenty if they are the right things. Do not read your emails or answer the phone until these 3 things are done. They will distract you and take over your agenda for the day. 

3. Understand the 80/20 rule and focused on leverage. Sometimes you can spend days or weeks doing unimportant stuff that doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

4. Stop going to meetings. Unless someone gives you a really compelling reason, don’t attend other meetings. Ask for the meeting notes after the first meeting is held and see if the notes give you everything you need. Maybe you attend one out of five meetings if they talk about a topic of interest to you that you can influence.

5. Disconnect your Internet connection.  I’ll bet like me it is easy to be so distracted so don’t allow yourself to have distractions in your way. Stay focused on doing one thing at a time. Don’t answer the phone, close your door (or hang up a sign if you are in a cubicle that says DO NOT DISTURB).

6. Get your bosses’ request done quickly. Don’t put her requests on your list-instead see if you can get it done quickly so it doesn’t hang over your head. Their priorities need to be yours so get it off the plate quickly.

7. Have one “to do” list not many. This is obvious. Keep all your projects/action items in one place. I love keeping it in tasks on Outlook because it is easy to read an email and turn it into an action.

8. Sort Email before reading: I like to sort by FROM so I deal with the more important colleagues request first. It also allows me to delete junk or unwanted request quickly. Don’t answer every request for a quick meeting from people you don’t know.

9. Add your personal life priorities on the list. To harmonize and balance my work/life, I like to add to my “to do” list things I need to do for my wife, mom, kids and family.

10. Put due dates on your to do list: Tasks in Outlook allows you to set a date by when things need to get done. That way, if the date passes, the task turns red and is a very effective reminder. By the way, having it on outlook allows it to pop up on my phone too.

Time melts away

11. Put work time on your calendar. Block time to get your work done so no one tries to schedule meetings when you have things to do.

12. Don’t go to lunch at noon.  Lunchtime is a wonderfully quiet time in most offices and a great time to get stuff done. Go to lunch at 11 am or 1 pm but take advantage of the quiet in the office at noon.

Times up. I have to get back to work. 

Time out:
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