Snack Sized Messages

The joy of being a living, breathing being is that we don’t know it all.

Alexander. The man who knows.
We have past experiences that often guide us today but things change so much that we need to rethink and see problems from new perspectives. It is a gift that we don’t know it all and that each day brings forth these challenges and we can unleash our creativity when we look from a different point of view. Unfortunately, we don't always get to sit down with a customer to give them a full meal worth of information--- they only have time for a nibble. 

How can you get your marketing message across to whomever you are trying to reach?  What can you do to make sure that in the turbo flow of information, you can break through the tsunami of information coming at customers and communicate a simple message that tells your story.

Snack Sized Messages

Snack Sized Messages 
In the same way that we snack to take in a little food, snack sized marketing messages are a great way to quickly make a point in a meeting, on a customer visit or at a seminar.  These are bite sized nuggets that encompass a core idea and are easy to understand.  They take a lot of work to reduce them down to size but they offer a well-targeted insight in a crisp little phrase.

BMW software
Sometimes these snack sized message come in the form of a metaphor when you tell your customer that your new software is like driving a BMW instead of a Chevy. It instantly delivers a quick sense of how fast the software will go and it's advanced technology. The leverage that you borrow is the equity of BMW. Why not associate your brand with the BMW speed and technological proficiency. When this is done verbally in meeting, you aren't infringing on a trademark but using someone else's branding to help explain, in a bite sized idea, an important positioning frame of reference. 

Occasionally the snack size message comes in a Hollywood like explanation when you describe what you do by comparing it to an intersection of two images---- Our latest software technology is the place where Red Bull and Nascar intersect and take power to the next level. The image leaves you with a feeling of speed, intensity and a fast-pace.

Lebron James technology
Often you can personalize the snack sized message as someone familiar whose image or personal brand represents the best of what you are trying to do. So your latest software might be like the Lebron James of technology because it is always several steps ahead of everyone else.

Limited Time
I have been on my fair share of sales calls so I know you don’t have a lot of time to present your product or service. Having some snack sized messages that are easy to pop into the head of your customer allows you to shift the way they see you.  You don’t have time for a full meal filled with four courses, so unwrap your message and have your customer munch on a bite sized idea.

What snacks sized messages are you and your marketing team preparing for your sales team to serve to customers? 

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