5 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter without Buying Them

Another guest post by a marketing colleague Chris Wechner who I met on Twitter. 

By Chris Wechner, Director of Marketing at The Ultimate Analyst

Most of us using Twitter would like more Followers. Depending upon our goals for using Twitter, the recipe for Twitter success needs to be seasoned to taste.

However, there are some universal ideas that will only put you in the right direction toward getting some more of the right Followers on Twitter.

  1. Find Material and Share It
  2. Find People Who Are Stronger with Other Marketing Methods besides Twitter
  3. Post Events for Other People
  4. Read Posts—ReTweet and Favorite Them
  5. Reply to Posts with Specific Comments and Questions
Let’s take a closer look into each one of these Twitter methods.

1. Find Material and Share It

Perhaps you have your own material, but most people using social media do not have their own blog posts, articles, or videos to share.  Many people are not confident with their abilities to create material that other people will find to be worthwhile.

However, if you’re serious about being taken seriously, there is something that you can do.  Take advantage of material OTHER people create.

You need to research on Twitter and other locations to find material to share.  Keep a list of things you share, including the author, post name, and post link.  If the topic is not a current event and continues to be useful, keep posting it.  Don’t worry about posting it more than once.

Of course, give that person credit.  If that person has a Twitter account include their @TwitterHandle each time you share it.

This will accomplish two (2) things. You will look like an expert in your topic area, and people will want to follow you.  Plus, it should get the attention of the person whose material you’re sharing.  It won’t every time, but it will often enough, and you probably want these types of people to follow you.

2. Find People Who Are Stronger with Other Marketing Methods besides Twitter

There are many ways to market besides Twitter.  I also use LinkedIn, and plenty of people use Facebook or Pinterest.  Some mostly avoid social media altogether; they’re not really sure how to market on it effectively or efficiently.

Many people have no idea how to market on Twitter.  I know I do, and I can help them.

I contact these people on their more preferred media and offer to market their material.  I don’t try to charge them.  If they have a Twitter account, I include their @TwitterHandle each time I post their material on Twitter.

If they are smart, they will ReTweet what you market for them, because it’s so easy for them to do it, and makes them look better to their Followers.

Not everyone appreciates this, but I find that if I start marketing things on Twitter for someone who isn’t as comfortable on Twitter, that person—more often than not—follows me.  (Their Followers might follow me, because he or she is.)

3. Post Events for Other People

This is simple.  A lot of people post their own events (although not enough even do this); however, when someone else endorses that same event by posting it, it gets that person’s attention.

Again, each time I post that person’s event, I include their @TwitterHandle if they have a Twitter account.

These people usually want to follow me, because I make life easier for them.  They just simply have to ReTweet my event post I made for their event in addition to any other marketing they do for their event.  Their Followers tend to be curious and follow me, also.

4. Read Posts—ReTweet and Favorite Them

Sometimes, we just simply find good material from people we don’t really know.  If I want to get their attention, I will ReTweet their post.  Occasionally, I will mark it as a Favorite.  Either way, they will be notified—often by email but also within their “Interactions” stream on Twitter.

If I look at their Twitter post stream and notice that they have a lot of good material, I will probably Follow them.  Often, these people Follow you in return.

Then I make a point to find something else to ReTweet from them.  I want them to keep seeing my name.  Many of these people tend to return the favor and promote you to their Followers.  Of course, some of those Followers will begin to Follow you.

5. Reply to Posts with Specific Comments and Questions

Most Tweets never are noticed, unless you are a celebrity.  So we’re usually happy when anyone notices anything we’re doing.

Do you think it’s any different for the people you want to notice you?

Take time to read through their Tweets and respond to them, but make sure it relates to what they’re posted.  Make a pertinent comment about their post or ask a question about something related.

Some people will ignore you, but most are pretty happy to have a real conversation on Twitter with someone other than people they already know.  For the most part, that’s why we’re on Twitter…to meet other people.

Often, a person’s more serious Followers will respond with other people who interact with someone they see as influential.  Once that “influential” person responds to your Tweet, several of their other Followers often Follow you.

BONUS: Send a Personalized Direct Message
So many people do such a crummy job of sending Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter that you can separate yourself—in a good way—pretty easily.

Yes, you can only send DMs to people you are Following and are also Following you.

However, if you send a personalized Direct Message (DM) to someone on Twitter, you will probably have a more “devoted” Follower.  The more that Follower notices and appreciates you, the better chance you have of that person endorsing you to his or her Followers.

Often, several of this person’s Followers will become your Followers, too.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to increase your number of Twitter Followers.  While there will always be bogus Followers, these steps will help you increase Followers who are interested in the same things you have to offer.

Which of these methods to get Twitter Followers do you like best?  What other methods do you use to gain Twitter Followers?

About Chris Wechner: Chris Wechner is an online marketer for The Ultimate Analyst in the Metro Detroit Area. Locally known as a thorough and engaging trainer, Chris gives presentations throughout the area and leads monthly Internet Marketing Roundtable sessions at the Eastern Campus of the Wayne County Community District (WCCCD).

Chris opened a Twitter account in January 2012, but he did not really begin using Twitter until the end of October 2012.  That is when he began an experiment with Twitter marketing, and it worked well for him.  He practices what he preaches.  He has given two (2) talks about Twitter, and today it is a significant part of his blog post marketing.

You can visit his blog on his site at http://www.TheUltimateAnalyst.com, or you can follow him on Twitter @CWechner. Location: Waterford, Michigan 48327

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