Have you ever called up your clients or customers and ask this very simple question…

“What can I do to make your life easier?”

I love this question and it gets at the heart of pure marketing genius where you fully understand the role you and your product or service can play in the life of your customer. Your product or service has a job (a benefit) to your customer. They may need more but haven't asked. This simple question can spark a discussion so you learn...

What else do THEY need. What else do THEY want. What new role can YOU can play for them consistent with your brand and business mission?

Why don’t we ask this question more often?

Do you need help?
Do you Need Help?
Most companies think they understand what their customers need. Some fear learning what could make a customer's life easier for fear that we can't help them. Most of us would prefer to sell what we make but that is a recipe for a lost customer. 

We often believe that things won’t change. If you believe things don't change, try buying Newsweek on the newsstands after January or stop by Circuit City. Your competitors are sniffing around trying to see what they can do to make your current customer theirs. If you don't ask this type of question, a competitor will. 

What a dilemma. What an opportunity.

Do you have confidence you are
asking the right question?
Confidence in Asking the Right Question
A friend of mine (who owns a small business) took my advice recently because he didn't feel close to his customers anymore. He thought my question might help him understand how he could deepen his relationship with his current customer base. I suggested that to help regain his client's confidence, he should ask his them how he could make life easier for his client. I also reminded him to be quiet after asking the question so his customer could think...then respond. 

My friend shared with me that he learned so much with this one simple question. He began to truly hear what the client  needed. It opened up his eyes. 

He told me that from 10 calls that he made, he believes he improved his relationship with 7 of the 10 accounts. (One was out sick and the other two were on vacation). 

When you ask a customer, how can I make your life easier, some may say they want more for less or make an unreasonable request. They may joke about a lower price. But if you keep probing, you'll get to some undelivered value need that maybe you can serve. 

I know that you may not be able to deliver a variation of your current product with 2 new features at the same price. But can you look at this as a new door that is opened? 

Your customer is sharing a pain point- something hurts and is pressuring them. True, it may be about cost but often it is about some other need within their organization. And if you aren't asking them this question, your competitor is and it may open a door for them. 

So pick up the phone and call 10 customers. Ask them this simple question...

How can I make your life easier?

Give them a button to push
See what transpires. You will learn a great deal, your client will be appreciative that you are thinking of them in this way and you may have a glimpse into the future. 

Go ahead. It's easy. 

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