DId You Know?

How do you tell your story effectively?
There are unlimited to ways to market your brand to your target audience. One of the more effective way to get the word out today is video. It is passive (just sit and watch), viral (helps me spread the word online) and engaging (fun to watch). How can you use this tool to tell your story?

Several years ago, I was sitting in some high level meetings and kept hearing different people throw out some really amazing facts about our company. They were facts that I didn’t even know as I was pretty new to the company. I started a list of my own did you know facts that I thought would be useful in various meetings with the press as well as with customers.

We had plenty of traditional brochure we printed and a web site but we just didn’t put it all together in one concise place to get the word out. A European colleague shared with me a video he saw that told the story about the power and growth of the Internet in 3 minutes where the facts just kept coming and each one had a big WOW factor. The video had been viewed by millions and I thought this is a concept worth using for our own purpose.


Without sharing anything confidential about it, I am linking to the video (below) so you can view a great tactic for sharing valuable information in a concise fashion.  The lesson for others is that so many companies have lots of great things to say but struggle with how to get the word out. Did You Know is a fabulous format for getting your message in front of your targeted audience. We have translated this in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin as we are an international firm and it has helped tell our story. Watching your work in Chinese is awesome. 

You may want to open a bottle of wine (closed by Nomacorc) as you view it. 

Click the video icon to watch.

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