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This guest blog is written by my younger brother Mitch who lives in Westfield, New Jersey. He shares his experience on the perfect gift he bought for our mother for her 85th birthday. Talk about a ticket to ride. 

Bruce Springsteen and Bea Slater :  Happy Mother's Day and 85th Birthday

On November 4th 1960 I was “Born to Run”. 

Mitch and Mom - 1961 and 2012

 But without my mom Bea I would still be down by “The River” searching through the “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. So when the Wrecking Ball Tour was announced earlier this year I knew I had the perfect 85th birthday and Mother’s Day gift for the woman that was there first to feed my “Hungry Heart” and “Cover Me” with self-confidence and love to journey down my own personal “Thunder Road” of life.    I bought Mom a ticket to see Bruce.

The Boss with Mitch (not photo shopped)
My obsession with Springsteen goes back to my “Glory Days” in High School (Thank you Jamie Halper). The sleeping giant awoke in me in August 1978 when I saw the first of 250 shows at the Capital Center outside D.C. I was instantly hooked during “Badlands” and by the time “Rosalita” and “The Detroit Medley” came around I knew I found my alternate universe to live in. 

Nearly 35 years later Bruce remains my drug of choice.

Meeting him face to face in 2001 will be a memory I cherish forever. Today I usually go to the shows with my partner in crime (he who must not be named on Facebook) and we have our own rituals and show prep. But for the Newark Prudential show last week- it was all about Mom. This original “Jersey Girl” was going to finally see what her son has been crowing about for all these years- all it took was a little “Easy Money” and “Out in the Street” we went to the Prudential Center (or for one night only “The Land of Hope and Dreams”) And what a “Night” it was- My sister Diane and brother-in law Jerry and nephew Scott also joined in on the fun.

Mom, Mitch, Bruce, Governor Christie and a cast of thousands. (Picture of Clarence from earlier concert)
What does an 85 year old think of Bruce?
Mom enjoyed every minute of the 3 Hour Classic Show.  And having seen 250 + shows, this night was “Magic” and filled with “Bishops Dancing” and “Saints in the City”. It even had a wonderful tribute that was well worth “The Weight”

I feel like I live in “Lucky Town” to still have my mom around and in perfect concert shape! 

My advice to those reading this blog: remember who was there every step of the way while you were “Growing Up”. Don’t be “Blinded by the Light” of all the noise out there. Go out today and remember that “She’s the One” who brought you into this “Promised Land” .

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all the other Prisoners of Rock and Roll!

Mom, Diane and Mitch: Born in the USA
From Adele to Bea: 
I leave you with Bruce’s own words on a song he wrote for his mom Adele, who was also at the show. The song is titled “The Wish”- and it still is one of my personal favorites.

It ain't no phone call on Sunday, flowers, or a Mother's day card.
It ain't no house on the hill, with a garden and a nice little yard.
I got my hot rod down on Bond Street,
I'm older but you'll know me at a glance.
We'll find us a rock 'n roll bar, baby we'll go out and dance

Mom and Mitch Rock with Bruce

Special thanks and credit to Jeff Lawson from Cowan Design for the help with the photograph of Mom and Bruce on stage together

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