Triple Crown - The Dental Sequel

I have always felt blessed that I have good genes; DNA not Levis. With all the love that surrounds me, I sometimes  think I am a thoroughbred like the great champions destined to go the distance. 

Previous Triple Crown Winners
My maternal grandfather lived to 96 and my Mom is active and healthy and about to turn 85 and my Dad lived to age 82. Knock on wood; I have always been very healthy. 

Drill Baby Drill
However, I never inherited the good gene for teeth. Not sure what happened? I think my siblings have their own share of dental dilemmas to root out the cavities.  I have spent so much time at the dentist; they should be naming a freakin’ drill after me. When I hear the Republicans chanting "drill baby drill", it scares me on multiple levels. 

Today I had to make another visit to the dentist to cap off the New Year.

Everyone has cool glasses.  Dr. Schmorr, Jeff and Georgette Savvides Hunt 
Since my last escapade about a year ago (Crown Prince), I knew that I had more dental work that needed to be done since some teeth were on the waiting list for crowns. During each interim cleaning, Dr. S would say you should really get these crowns taken care of soon. Since I didn’t have any travel pending, I thought I might as well get this over and bite the bullet…so to speak.

This laughing gas is no laughing matter
As I entered the downtown dental office of Rebecca Schmorr, I was greeted by a lovely dental hygienist named Georgette who put me at ease; almost as much as the nitrous oxide later that day. I told her how much I liked her named and that I had two special people in my life named George and Georgia.  Georgette was part Greek and part Cherokee and we shared conversation about the wonderful blending of those cultures since both had such a rich history of mythology and spirit. Her husband is Lumbee Tribe and she even mentioned her 3 year-old son Landon who name means of the land.  

I told her I had just watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and she said it was the story of her life. We kidded about the role of Windex in dental hygiene.

As the nitrous oxide started to kick in, Dr. Schmorr appeared and I told her that before I get super loopy, I needed a picture to memorialize this visit. She remembered from my last excavation, that I was busy trying to take pictures while under the gas.  So Dr. Schmoor, Georgette and I all posed for several minutes taking photos as I started drifting into La La land.  It was about 9:15 am when I sat in the chair and at 12:45pm I was ready to leave. I spent over three hours in the chair waiting for my freedom and to happily shut my mouth.

I hate to see all of those tools and needles. Oy.
I will spare you the cost (more than my first car, a Chevy Vega) and the details of the work, but let’s just say it must have set some kind of record. I am also confident I will be in the Dental Hall of Fame along with Dr. Kaswiner, my childhood dentist. I think that today's session may have paid for Dr. Schmorr’s twins tuition for their first year at college. (they are only five).  She had to replace two crowns and a cavity which were inconveniently on opposite sides of my mouth. Needless to say, I could not speak or object when she informed me that an inlay would also need to be crowned and she could do it during this session. I wish I had a groupon for this visit or could have arranged some kind of dental mortgage for this work.

Fast forward a few hours when I arrived home and plopped down on the sofa. Ra El was out but called to check up on me. I slowly described my session and what happened. When I told her that I had 3 crowns and a cavity taken care of in the same visit, she said that it must have been like the Triple Crown – thus the name for today’s post.

There is no moral to this story but I am so grateful for my best friend nitrous oxide that helped me through this marathon event. Proper dental care is necessary for good health. I get it.

The Three Stooges visit Dr. Schmorr

I just wish it didn’t feel like pulling teeth.

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