A Toast to Thomas’ English Muffin

I don’t think we praise our favorite toasted products enough.

On a recent trip to the Teeter Totter (Harris Teeter), I was on a mission to get Thomas’ English Muffins (Honey Whole Wheat) for my daughter Fanny. She we returning from living in LA and coming home for a few weeks until she starts her next life chapter in Wilmington, NC.

As I walked by the bread aisle, I smelled corn. Sweet corn. Like a magnet, I was pulled with a gravitational force that I couldn’t resist. It was there that I noticed something new, Thomas English Muffins- Made with Real Corn. Like most food experiences, I was immediately transported back to my childhood and the memory of something I had forgotten about- Corn Toasties.

My recollection was that this was like a corn muffin that was flat and could go into a toaster. Thomas’ made this product and it was slightly sweet in corny way. As a child I recall my mother making these corn toasties for breakfast on most mornings. I can almost taste the butter on these spectacular little toasty angels.

As a camper at Winadu in Pittsfield in the 1960's and 1970's, I remember we referred to English muffins as Nush Ka Puffs. I have no idea why but those words have stayed with me for more than 40 years. Like an old friend, Nush Ka Puffs is part of my English Muffin memory. 

When I shared this memory with my Mom, she said she had just bought some Toast R Cakes from Thomas' and the product I remember from childhood is still available. I better check it out at the Teeter Totter on my next trip.

Okay, maybe I am being hyperbolic. 

The height of this exaggeration was when I told Ra El that if I wasn’t married to her (for almost 35 years), I’d married these English Muffins (corn version). A Maizing. 


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