What word describes your life’s aspiration?

Prometheus brings fire to mankind
Art: Heinrich Füger (1751-1818)
 If you could pick one single word to describe who you aspire to be- what would it be? I am not asking for a word that describes who you are today. I am wondering about where you are heading in life? What is a word that is your guiding light toward your true north?

This week I think I stumbled upon my word.

I subscribe to a daily email that sends a word a day. Each week it is based on a theme like food words, old English language words or this week it happened to be words coined after gods and goddesses. Hey if you are going to aspire, why not shoot pretty high? 


My word is: P r o m e t h e a n

adjective: Boldly creative; defiant; audacious.
noun: A person who is boldly creative or defiantly original.

After Prometheus, a Titan in Greek mythology. He made man from clay, stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans. The name means forethinker, from Greek pro- (before) + manthanein (to learn). Promethius also had some issues with a bird and his liver but I'm not focused on that part of the story. Earliest documented use: 1594.

Of the many things important to me, this idea of being boldly creative and defiantly original takes on mythic proportions. Clearly my life path has provided me with opportunities to work and strive toward the creative and the original.  But it is in the idea of being boldly creative or defiantly original that has drawn me to this word like a moth to a fire. Remember- this is my aspirational word that helps give my life a direction. 

I don’t want to be simply clever or witty- or someone who has a streak of ingenuity. My life’s goals take me toward the mythology to help fully satisfy my soul. Others can judge whether I achieve either of these states of being but in knowing what is the fuel that is energizing my daily activities, I believe it helps me to know myself and to project me into the future. 

I work hard at approaching the day with a clear sense of purpose. How can I find an unexpected idea or path forward? What is the obvious versus what is the novel? But it is more than just being different- it is a desire to see a fresh frame with a clear vision. 

What does it mean to be boldly creative? Seeing things others miss. Finding patterns in the negative spaces.  Acting without fear of failure. Taking on the challenging, the difficult and the complicated problems with vigor.

What does it mean to be defiantly original? Hearing the music in your head and not being afraid to embrace it. Challenging convention and uprooting the status quo to make room for a refreshed approach.

Many  who know me would describe me as creative and perhaps even a little original. But I am a realist too and I know I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to be labeled as Promethean. I certainly don't expect to bring something as important as fire to mankind but if I help spark some creative and audacious idea, I will bathe in that light. 

I may aspire that one day I am defined as Promethean but I recognize I have a lot of work to do. However it is nice to have a clear trajectory in life so that I can know if I am on course.

What is your aspirational word?

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