The Present is the Gift

On January 23, 2012 I celebrate my 58th birthday.

I made up a short list of things I want for my birthday should you be looking for the perfect gift for me. 

RELIVE A MOMENT: Find an old photograph from the last 10 years where you are with someone you love who has passed away.  Spend one minute looking really closely at this picture and recognize that although that moment is gone, your life holds millions of future moments. Don’t miss any of them.

THANK SOMEONE: Tell someone you see every day who has a supporting role in your life thank you. Express a heartfelt appreciation for what they mean to you even if it is just that you love to see their smiling face each morning. Be more aware of those around you and express your thanks by looking directly into their eyes. 

CONNECT WITH SOMEONE: Write an email, note, Facebook post, Tweet or some other form of communication to a person from your past that you have not spoken with in a long, long time and tell them that you are thinking about them and hope things are going well for them in their world. Don't apologize for being disconnected. From your heart, express your feelings. 

TASTE THE MOMENT: Slowly enjoy your food with a great appreciation and focus on the flavors. Savor the spice or herb- the delicacy or boldness of each ingredient that is part of this meal. Suck in the sweet aroma and fragrance of the meal or the complexity of the wine. Appreciate each flavor note as if it were music. Taste the moment and give thanks for the nourishment. 

APPRECIATE THE MOMENT: Count the infinite blessings of your life and see only the wonder and goodness – even if it is just for a mere moment. Emphasize that glass that is half filled and not half empty. Appreciate your good health not what ails you. Celebrate being alive. 

UNEXPECTED MOMENTS: Do something unexpected for someone you don’t know. Celebrate their life. Don’t over think it and don’t judge yourself. Just act in kindness and from the center of your compassionate self. Hint: If you can do it anonymously it may be even sweeter. 

Happy Birthday 
Fill your life with meaningful moments, have more in your life by needing less and most important - be present. 

I suppose we call this moment the present because it truly is a gift. 

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