Snap Judgment

Sometimes I feel behind
For some odd reason, there are times when I feel the urge to take random and strange pictures of myself caught in the moment. I find it difficult to pass a billboard that makes me smile or to find a statue and strike a pose. 

Germany- Fountain Art 
It sort of a sickness...maybe we can hold a fundraiser or a walk to raise money to help cure me. Maybe we need a statue-athon where everyone imitates sculptures. 

If I pass something that tickles my inner six year old and I have my camera in hand, I feel almost forced by this strange desire to record the  off-beat nature of that feeling. It's part creative and part juvenile and I am the first to admit it. 

A cardboard cut out of some stewardess from China Airline recently caught my attention. I wanted to pose with them and couldn't stop myself. I had no idea why but something felt right in this strange moment. I don't dwell on understanding why the poster or life-sized cut out was in this location or if anyone was watching---but it felt like a great chance to fly away. By the way, please fasten your seat belts and put your seats in the upright position and turn off all devices with an on/off switch. 

Meeting Chinese Flight Attendants in Oahu
 Of course, I find these things everywhere. I can be traveling around the globe or just at home in Raleigh and these wonderful moments of snappy happiness just show up. It may be the overdose of photographs I have had taken of me in my lifetime by my grandfather and father. Maybe it is just my slightly warped sense of humor and creative spirit. Maybe someone slipped me a Mickey

I find these picture perfect moments everywhere. Often it is a sign from the universe just to laugh. I don't try and understand it. I try and enjoy it, unconditionally. In the photo below, I found it hard to pass up the chance to capture the word scalp in a photograph. 

In Raleigh, North Carolina thinking about a haircut
At times, it is just a nice bright colorful opportunity to be a little nutty. How often do you get to go into a store that just sells nutcracker related stuff? I also dig the yellow pants. 

German Nutcracker Store 
Sometimes the moment strikes me in song... or polka. I mean who could pass up an accordion player in a German pub singing polka tunes. It was like a collision between Karaoke night, American Idol and a reoccurring nightmare I have about Mrs.Jaeger our music teacher in junior high school in the 60's. 

According to my memory, this is in Europe
Over sized boxes of cereal on the back of a truck. I mean you can't make this stuff up. Talk about super sizing it. Surreal. 

This is in L.A. and it is pretty mild by LA standards
A chance to meet Rick Perry or is this Texas Pete?

Pete, Rick...hey who are you? 
Or a chance to relax with a nice bottle of Italian Amarone wine. 

With my Italian Friend 
I probably could think of 32 good reasons to take these off-beat pictures but whose counting.

32 Somewhere Street

I guess I should probably put a bag over my head and hide but what can I see- I am who I am. (I think that's a quote from Popeye)

MomentSlater Author Jeff Slater in disguise

So I don't mind making snap judgments or taking snap photos with any of these nice people I sometimes meet on the street. Nice kicks.

High fashion in Paris 
Summing it all up, I love getting a chance to follow my own recipe.

Jeff and Chef