On Sarah's 30th Birthday

Sarah Rebecca Slater
October 4, 1981 

My Dear Sweet Sarah, 

Thirty years ago through the union of the love Mom and I share, you entered into this world. Born on Poppa George’s 81 birthday, by your very existence, you and Mom gave to me the greatest gift known- to become a father for the very first time. 

Jeff and Sarah in 1982
Every moment of those thirty years has been a blessing and a celebration of love.  You and I have a deep connection that goes beyond words, beyond photographs and beyond stories about ravioli. You are a heart-centered loving person who has felt the majesty of receiving and giving love. Both are so important because love is something that is stronger as you give it away. It grows by absence and it strengthens through silence. Your physical presence shimmers and vibrates with the love that has surrounded you since the day you came into our lives.

Sarah at Ravenscroft Fair in 1991

The woman you have become is no surprise to me since you have always been a caring, loving and compassionate soul who lives each day in search of helping and healing others. As you get older and expand your compassionate heart, you continue to grow and become even more capable of opening your arms to those who need you. As a teacher, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, as your white Persian cat Nani’s mommy; you show your true colors each and every day. I'm not clowning around either. 

"I could not be prouder of who 
you are and all that you have 
accomplished in your 30 years 
on this planet. I can't wait to
see all that your future holds in store."

Sarah in Hawaii in 2009
We are blessed with so much love and richness in our lives. For the last 30 years, you occupy a precious space that is so special and brilliant with tropical light. 

Every morning, I see a photograph of you on my bureau. It is a picture of you at the beach from a few summers ago. Hawaii has always been your native ground and spiritual home. You are smiling at me and wishing me a good day and sending me off with a reminder of the richness of our love and the power of your our connection together. Through your eyes, I feel your warmth, compassion and love. Someday we will live close by and will be able to share roast-chicken dinners on a more regular and frequent basis. 

"The physical distance from Hawaii
 to North Carolina remains great 

but the distance between our 

hearts is undetectable."

My birthday wish for you is for you to have all of those things that are in your heart that you wish for yourself. Your radiance is ever present with me and my love for you is boundless. 

Have a wonderful day and know that I am always with you and will love you forever and a day. 


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