Letter to Juliet

This is another guest blog. I asked my mother Bea Slater to write a letter to her great granddaughter Juliet Paige Bedrin who is named in memory of my father Jack. This is her Letter to Juliet about her first visit to Great Grandma Bea's house in Springfield, New Jersey. 
My letter to Juliet

September 11, 2011

Dear Juliet,

I know you can not read this letter but when you can read I'm sure you will enjoy learning about our family.

20 Warwick Circle
On Sunday September 11, 2011, (a very memorable day) your mommy and daddy brought you to my home, your first visit to 20 Warwick Circle Springfield, NJ. Your namesake, Poppy Jack and I moved here October 24, 1952 with your Grandmother Diane (Di Di). She was almost two years old and her birthday is October 30th. I was excited that you were coming to visit me. Your daddy, (my grandson) and I showed you all the rooms and the wonderful photographs all around the house. We loved living and raising our children here. Uncle Jeffrey was born on January 23, 1954 and Uncle Mitchell November 4, 1960.  We had lots of happy times and many wonderful occasions to celebrate.

Poppy Jack started making a series of collages the year your Aunt Jaime was born (May 19,1976).

A collage of pictures from your visit 
Each year he put more photos of event that happened each year. The last one he did was in 2007 and your grandma Di Di helped me. He wasn't up to doing any more, his health was failing.

My parents, Poppa George and Grandma Fannie and my dear sister Aunt Annette were living in Philadelphia when Di Di was born in 1950. Uncle Jeffrey was born in 1954. A year or so later my parents and sister moved to New Jersey so they could be near us and enjoy their grandchildren. Uncle Mitchell was born November 4, 1960.

Poppa George was a commercial photographer and he was the one that got Poppy Jack into taking pictures. He gave your great grandfather and namesake Poppy Jack his first camera.

Grandma Fannie was a very sweet lady and loved her family, she was famous for her stuffed cabbage.

Aunt Annette was a very "special" aunt to all her nieces and nephews and her great nieces and great nephews. She was always ready to lend a hand to all the family. She would have doted on you.

Poppa Joey, Grandpa Jack's father was a wonderful man just like Poppy Jack. He was
very generous and loved the family. He was always there for us.

Grandma Gertie, (your father's namesake) was Poppy Jack's mother. She loved making parties and was a great cook- she  taught me how to cook; we lived with them for a few months after we got married.

Poppa Joey and Grandma Gertie had 3 children, Aunt Lolly (Roslyn), your great grandfather Jack and Robert (Uncle Robbie) who lives in Israel.

Now you know some of the Slater history. I have been truly blessed with wonderful parents, sister and in laws and my beautiful grandchildren;  Jaime (named for Poppa Joey), Garret (named for Grandma Gertie), Sarah (named for a dear friend Stanley Laderman) and Fanny (named for Grandma Fannie). Harrison (named for Leslie's grandfather Herman Dickstein) and Georgia (named for Poppa George).

I am fortunate that my children and grandchildren have wonderful spouses. Diane has Jerry, Jeffrey has Ra El and Mitchell has Leslie. The same is true of my grandchildren- Jamie has Scott and your daddy Garret has your mommy Jessica.

They have given me the most precious of all, Henry Asher Dodd and you....Juliet Paige Bedrin.

My wish for you is that some day you will find your Romeo as I did and be blessed with a beautiful family and have a wonderful life filled with love, good health and happiness.

All my love,

Great Grandma Bea 
Great Grandma Bea and Juliet
September 11, 2011

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