Fanny at 26

Fanny Elizabeth Slater  Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina  1990

On October 26, 1985, when Doc Brown and Marty from the movie Back To The Future, were climbing into the Delorean, you came into this world ready for your own time travel adventure. Your journey involves becoming the person that you saw in your future. I know so clearly that there is no one like you in the world, in the universe – in the galaxy! 

Mom and I could not be prouder of the woman you have become.

If you were a Chinese meal, you would be the combination platter of Mom’s wisdom, courage and spiritual sensibility and my food-loving, photo-snapping, warped sense of humor with a side helping of a vegetarian spring roll.  As a daughter, a sister, a friend and as the momcat to Olive (and Wilbur, Shambo, Mango, Lucy, Tati and Lucca and all the other cats whose paths you have crossed), you are the cat’s pajamas. Your smile melts my heart and your story telling puts a smile on my face. And don’t get me started about your ability to create a perfect goat-cheese frittata.

Moments of Fanny 
In the blink of an eye, you have grown up from a bologna-eating, tangled hair swirling little girl into a 26 year old woman who is on her path to the future. When you were little, you used to set the table with the fork on the right. Funny how little some things change. But unlike the hesitant little girl, today you are are filled with determinations, confidence and deep inner wisdom; you are already the success you want to become.

I see in you courage and persistence as you create a great and wonderful career starring in the life called FANNY

The Fanny brand is special and you get to invent it as you take each step along the way. It may involve fame and fortune but more importantly it will involve a grounded, centered and happy person who is trying to squeeze each and every tzatziki-sauced moment out of this lifetime. Anyone who can really appreciate fabulously made potato salad and it's importance in life's side dishes has her priorities well-focused and her head on straight.

Fanny and Family

I could not be prouder of who you have always been and who you are at this very moment. 

Your ability to find your own secret sauce and stir up a recipe for your life is a joy to behold. I love to read about your adventures and to see stories of the latest food escapade that you and Olive embark upon - always coming back to seeing the lighter side of each munchable moment. Every irreverent snapshot, text or blog post is a step on the ladder toward creating your life. And as Steve Jobs said, you don’t want to waste your time living someone else’s life. You have always been someone who instinctively understood the phrase: Think Different.

Fanny takes a big bite out of life
Fanny, keep following your heart and that inner guide that directs you on the highway to tomorrow.  Keep your eyes focused on what you need to feed your soul and to nourish your heart. Don’t settle for half a bagel when you need the whole lox, cream cheese and caper experience. Keep taking a big fat bite out of life and savor each and every blessed moment.

Fanny and friends- she is the cat's pajamas

I am so fortunate that you chose me to be your Dad in this life and that I get to go along with you for the zesty ride. Oh, and can you pass me the hot sauce? 

Fanny is the apple of my eye

I love you more than apples. 


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