Moments of Loyalty

This is a guest blog by my sister Diane Slater Bedrin. She tells the story of some moments of loyalty in her life. A hair raising and nail biting story. 
Diane Bedrin and various hair styles throughout the years

Getting my nails done in my manicurist's home is no big deal unless of course you are a grandma and babysitting. What was a simple pleasure now becomes a challenge. Wet nails, car seat, dirty diapers, occupying a two year old, oy vey! I couldn't have done this task without the help of my friendly manicurist and her two children. This made me really think about the different people in my life who I have gotten to know over many years. Here are some of my favorite loyal moments

Back in the 1980's I met Paula, a hairdresser. She worked miracles with my long, kinky, Janice Joplin hair. She also moved around from salon to salon and I followed her everywhere. I probably went to ten different salons over 20 years following Paula. I was sad when she moved to California; honestly I was devastated. I was convinced she was irreplaceable! I tried many other salons, was extremely disappointed. 

Finally I found a new stylist, Dragana. I met her when she was just washing hair. She has since moved around to several salons and I've followed her, too, and I think she has found a nice home now and we'll stay put! My hair has never looked so shiny! 

Bea and Tommy - The Hair and Now

My mom, I should mention, has found her loyalty with her Tommy! He has been through every moment, happy and sad in her life and ours, and we are grateful for his devotion to her. 
They say. . .

"only your hairdresser knows for sure... isn't that the truth! "

Teri, Joseph and Mackiel 
At the same time that I found Paula, I started getting manicures. After a few attempts and several different manicurists I met Teri. Jaime was 3 1/2 years old and I would often bring her and her baby brother Garret to get my nails done. Jaime was a big help. Today, Professor Bedrin let's me schlepp her son Henry so I can continue getting manicures. I now go to Teri's home. So, as I carried Henry inside and Teri looked at his big brown eyes. I could see her eyes well up for a moment! A flashback of little Jaime with her blond curls and big brown eyes. 

Garret, Henry and Jaime

Teri has two children, Joseph and Mackiel. They have watched Henry twice now, sharing toys and building a train set for him to enjoy. Teri not only sent Henry home with used and loved old toys, but she carried Henry and hooked his car seat for me. If you ever had a manicure you know how careful you have to be!!! I am grateful to know her so long. 

We all have special people in our lives. Of course, many of us have great friends and family. Isn't it nice to walk into a store and have a friendly clerk or salesperson know your name? My day is often so mundane and quiet but when I walk into Starbucks and they know my drink I am touched. I believe in being loyal. 

I use the same salesgirls to buy make-up, Fern and Jessica. I'm disappointed when they aren't there to help me. I love this one shoe saleswoman in Lord and Taylor, she always has a smile on her face. Going into the local market several employees know my name. It just makes me feel important. It acknowledges me for a moment, a special moment in my day! 

PS: Someday I hope I can share the moments taking my new granddaughter, Juliet for manicures and pedicures! 

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