The Mezuzah Shield

While putting some insulation around my door, I noticed the Mezuzah hanging in my doorway.

For those who don’t know what that is, a Mezuzah is Hebrew for the word doorpost.  A Mezuzah has a piece of parchment often in a decorative metal case and inscribed with Hebrew verse that includes the Shema,  a sacred prayer declaring “Hear of Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one”. 

I am not a particularly religious Jew, but seeing it on the doorpost triggered a memory from 1989 when I hung this up in our home. Poppa George was visiting from New Jersey during Thanksgiving that year and I remember him saying to me that he wanted the honor of helping me hang a Mizuzah he bought for Ra El and me. 

I came across the photos below of Pop helping me hang this the Mezuzah and so many memories flooded my heart. Pop had an uncanny way of knowing how little things would keep me connected to him throughout my entire life. And he was right as his gifts keep on giving long after he has left this world. 

There is a proper way to hang a Mezuzah for Ashkenazy Jews who came from Germany and Western Europe. The top of the Mezuzah should lean in toward the house as if to bring the good luck and love from God into your home.

The next day, I learned from Fanny that her purse, her wallet, her phone and her keys were stolen. I found out on Facebook from her 4AM posted message. She was obviously angry as she used the F word and I don't meet Frittatas. Since I am on the East Coast and an early riser, I was up when the message appeared. We SKYPED and agreed to chat a little later when she got some sleep. 

My feelings were suddenly exploding as I worried about Fanny and how she would cope with this incredibly frustrating situation. She has no drivers license, lives out of state, her spare keys are in the car and on and on and on. How was all of this going to get resolved? 

I knew I could be of some help to her with everything that had to get done. My skills as taking things one at a time allow me to stay focused and organized in the middle of these kinds of situations. I can help cancelling credit cards and some of the other follow up that was needed. I tend to be calm and patient like my father Jack which serves me well in these situations. Inside, I was a mess and emotional exhausted. 

As I walked out the front door later that morning for my daily walk, I noticed the Mezuzah again, I realized what Poppa George had told me...and it was true. Fanny was safe and protected although greatly inconvenience. He and all of those other angelic spirits who loved me and my family so much when they were in body were protecting her now. She wasn't harmed but was protected by love and compassion from the universe. 

I like to think of my father, Pop, Annette, Grandma Fannie, Poppa Joey, Grandma Gertie all sitting around heaven- I'm sure they are drinking coffee and nibbling on spiritual coffee cake and they are watching out for my daughter. The connection from my doorpost of that Mezuzah to Fanny's apartment doorpost in LA, creates a barrier of protection that will keep her safe. Suddenly I felt a little more at ease knowing she would be protected just as that Mezuzah had always been there for more than 21 years in her life. 

I look at how quickly friends and family came to help her. When I SKYPED with her later in the day, two of her guy friends were there to help her out and 'had her back'. Help was coming from all over. Sara (her friend AKA Lamb chops) arranged Pad Thai to be delivered to her for dinner. 

And although Ra El and Sarah didn't know what happened yet, their expansive hearts surrounded Fanny as they sent love and compassion her way. Here is how Fanny tells the story in her own words. (7/12/2011 post)

Thanks to everyone (both here and above) for watching over Fanny. 

Facebook to the rescue

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