Sign Language

The speed at which we live our lives can drive you crazy. 

You move too fast

We rush from this to that unconsciously as we have a difficult time being present and in the moment. While walking yesterday, I noticed the speed limit signs on the street and the thought occurred to me why we don’t have these inside our homes and offices? It would be great to have these handy little guides in other places to wake us up from our almost robotic lives to keep us aware of all that is happening around us.

So as a public service I thought I would offer a few ideas for signs to guide our paths and innovative places to locate them. 

Pay Attention

SLOW DOWN: At the dinner table, a sign that tells you to slow down to make sure you are both thankful and enjoying the food in front of you. Savor the flavor. Take in the presence of your loved ones. Quiet time can be very nourishing. 

PAY ATTENTION: With your children, spouse or significant other, a sign that tells you emphatically that these people are important. Just sit still, be quiet and listen. It is not necessary to do all the talking. This exclamation mark is a little jolt to say, "hey you, this is your life- pay attention". 
Maybe rethink where you are headed?

CHANGE DIRECTION: I would love to find a sign in an office conference room that tells us we are on the wrong path toward solving a problem. Maybe it would blink or flash when we get off course. The sign would remind us to rethink the issue and find a new direction. This sign would be a handy way to keep us on our path toward success. 

Too Much Information
TOO MUCH: Imagine if during a presentation to a big audience, it this sign started illuminating. It would be seen when a presenter reaches their 147 PowerPoint slide. The message would be clear- make it simple, tell me something I can remember and stop shoveling when you run out of stuff to say. 

Do cows laughs?

LAUGH AHEAD: We take ourselves so seriously. I stand guilty of this so I might enjoy having this sign outside of my office. A sign that just makes you laugh would be perfect. It awakens you from the daily routine we have. For example, imagine a sign advising us to be aware because cows may be falling from the hills above. That would get my attention. I wonder if the driver is a vegetarian?
Thanks for the heads up

WHATEVER: Occasionally we need a sign that reminds us of the obvious. Water on the road during rain...seriously? Every now and then it isn't a bad idea for someone to remind us of some of the basics like take a deep breathe...

Okay, what?
HUH?:  Some signs are impossible to understand and require translation. These aren't very good signs and someone needs to rethink what they are trying to say. This sign would be a nice reminder to think before we speak.  Maybe it should be posted by near our telephones or at the top of a meeting agenda. 


JOY RIDE: Finally, the best signs of all are the ones that remind you that life is a joy ride and although we have lots of serious responsibilities, don’t forget the fun. This sign belongs in our homes and offices as a great stress reliever. I love the idea of reminding everyone that life is a journey and you can choose to go hands free and  be happy along your path. 

What sign would you add in your home or office?