Dog Surfs while Santa's Relaxes

Who are the 84,124 people viewing my dog surfing video?

On May 18, 2007 I posted my first video to You Tube. These 19 seconds of video was practice to see if I could figure out how to upload. The video shows a young black lab who I captured surfing on Kauai in Hawaii. I remember grabbing my camera and running out into the calm water of Hanalei Bay as the dog and his owner came rolling in to the beach. The dog was having a wonderful time as he hung 20 on the board.

It is a funny video and it is interesting to see how happy the dog is but 84,000 times? 

I understand viral marketing and realize that watching a dog on a surf board is pretty cool. My family and friends assume that it’s me just clicking and watching it hundreds of time a day. I know it sounds enticing to believe this but it just isn’t true. Maybe I have watched it a few dozen times over the last 3 years but not 84,000 times.

Surfing Dog on Kauai

So who are these people? Are these 19 seconds that interesting? Am I underestimating how much time people spend on You Tube? I have found so many videos of various animals on surf boards that I guess it is more popular than I realized. I bet soon there will be an animal surfing network on cable.  

I am so proud to have helped make this dog's special moment live on. Based on the daily views, I expect to hit 100,000 views on May 2011. On this fateful day, we will break out the champagne and dog biscuits in celebration.

Where Santa Goes on Vacation
The following year, as my dog surfing video was climbing the charts we returned to the same beach and with camera in hand, I waited patiently for the sequel. Unfortunately there wasn't a surfing dog anywhere. I did, however determine where Santa goes on vacation. It made me laugh but ironically no one else thought it was funny or worth viewing. I mean here was Kris Kringle himself with a Yankee hat on enjoying the warmth of the Pacific on the fourth of July. So far only 264 people have watched this which is pretty disasppointing and makes me feel both naughty and nice. Maybe it's the Yankee hat? You be the judge.

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