Packed with Anticipation

Today my daughter is taking her first step.

She isn’t a toddler or a small child. The step is part of a journey she began almost twenty five years ago when she first smiled at me when she was a baby. It was a little performance- a twinkle in the eye- a look and a laugh that pulled me to her with magnetic force. It was act one. The curtain was rising.

Since that wink and giggle, she has always wanted to be an actress. She performed for us at every twist and turn dancing with socks on her ears or making funny faces. Birthdays were bravada performances with cakes smashing into her face like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. Of course she did the requisite school plays and girl band gig that my wife cleverly named Herizon. She had some extra work and a few commercial opportunities but it’s always been on the East Coast. She was part of NC State ad campaign to promote vitamins for young girls and woman and her face was all over several NC college campuses and web sites.

Now she is heading west. Hollywood. LA. The big show.

Like being sent up to The Majors except she is hasn’t been found out by the scouts or big time recruiters. She is thrilled and wildly excited knowing that this is the beginning that she has always wanted but at the same time it has to be scary.

Change. Fanny?

She was a child who cried and complained for months when we sold our red Volvo station wagon. She hates change. How could we try a different peanut butter? What do you mean I can’t have my purple bed sheets even though they are threadbare and you can see through them? What do you mean Friends isn’t on at 630 pm anymore!

Well look out Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Ross. There is a new kid in town and she wants a seat on that sofa. Move over Meryl AKA Julia Child and make way for someone else that can also cook and act! Take a back seat Pretty Woman Julia and let another beauty get some of that spotlight and attention.

The suitcase got stuffed with moments and mementos and mishigas. She zippered shut a lot of baggage from the last couple of decades. This red suitcase, appropriate branded as Pathfinder, is bursting with bundles of dreams and hope and happiness waiting to be set free. You can almost hear her clothes and possessions saying, let us out, let us go, and let us help you meet your tomorrow. Unpack those promises you made to yourself and go claim your life. Welcome to LAX where there is nothing lacks in Fanny.

Attention passengers from Raleigh, you can claim your future on carousel 25.

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