The Other September 11th

On September 11th, 1977 Ra El and I got married.

I always thought of it as our day. September 11th – a day of union and love and profound joy.

On September 11th, 2001 the day took on new meaning to most of the world. That day was filled with shock and sadness in ways that years later are still hard to shake. But my memory of our September 11th provides me with much needed balance to the other one from nine years ago.

In 1977, September 11th was a spectacular day with crystal clear light and a wonderfully lilting fall breeze. We were so young. I was twenty three and she was twenty four. Memories flood my heart from that day but one special moment always towers over the others.

On that day, I got to walk hand-in-hand with the most courageous person I had ever met.

I remember the touch of that hand that was soft, delicate and powerful at the same time. Her elegant hand fit perfectly into mine. It was a connection that felt like coming home for me to warmth, promise and protection. Her personal life story that emerged many years later was not known to me at the time. But somehow I knew that I was with someone who had strength and spirit that was in a league by itself.

Through the touch of her hand I grasped a glimpse of our future.

The details of her life’s journey were to come in later years. Being with her made me feel safe and secure as she had an inner energy that was compassionate and courageous at the same time. The wistful touch of her hand was oddly like a galactic super power that was unlike any I consciously remember. Super human in strength but delicate as the angelic artist and creator that was always part of her life’s work.

The touch of her hand was a message to my future self; a gift saying hold my hand, walk with me and together we can give to each other strength and love and things we need to sustain and nourish ourselves. I remember the feeling of that moment as our hands touched; it stays with me now and will forever.

I vividly remember that day and especially the moment when we held hands during our ceremony under the willows of Appleford. Ra El was illuminated in exquisite light that day that bathed across her glowing wedding dress with elegant frills and shimmering silk. I still feel the reflection of that sunlight that was shining on her beautiful face illuminating the sparkle in her eyes and lighting a passage into her soul. Thirty three years later she is even more beautiful as the light shines from within her and illuminates and warms all who are around her. She brings this force field of energy with her as she touches and heals others.

When someone meets her for the first time she has a tidal pull that draws out deep and emotional waves of information. She is not like anyone I know and probably unlike anyone you know too. It’s a special gift and an honor to be joined with her in love during this lifetime.

Anniversaries like most occasions are often low keyed events for us as we quietly enjoy the shared joy of the blessings we have in our lives; especially the two beautiful angels Sarah Rebecca and Fanny Elizabeth who chose us as their parents in this lifetime. We both revel in quiet moments and calming spaces that don’t need to be filled up with revelry. September 11th is a chance to celebrate the hard work that the two of us have invested together in our marriage, family and love. It’s a twenty four hour window that opens a little wider to connect us with the past and to help us see the future.

Yes, September 11th is a date that most people see the sadness and darkness from 2001.

Our September 11th is a date from thirty three years ago that brought light and love into my life. This date is deeply woven into the texture of our lives adding both beauty and strength to our journeys.

I will hold onto this moment always.

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